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Posts from the ‘Schools and Education’ Category

Present & Future Heritage: The Quantum-Nano Centre

Contemporary heritage: Five years after its construction, the University of Waterloo's intriguing nano-technology building continues to both inspire and reflect the cutting edge research within.

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Elizabeth Ziegler Public School, 1931

Waterloo's third public school, Elizabeth Ziegler P.S. was named after "Lizzie" Ziegler - Waterloo County's first female principal.

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The Legacy of the 1820 Log Schoolhouse: Part II

Where the Log Schoolhouse originally stood in Waterloo and where it was moved to prior to its final location in Waterloo Park is an interesting story. Also interesting is the “why.”

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The Legacy of the 1820 Log Schoolhouse: Part 1

I am often asked about the 1820 log schoolhouse that sits prominently in the centre of Waterloo Park and although I usually tell its early story, I rarely get to share how or why it came here or what happened to it once it did. I would like to rectify that.

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